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  • MOTUL GEAR FF COMP 75W140 (LSD) - 100% Synthetic Ester

    100% synthetic racing lubricant based on Ester-Technology For all hypoid differentials with limited slip system, gearbox with integrated limited slip differential, mechanical transmission, synchronised or not synchronised gearboxes, transfer gearboxes

    Recommended for Hewland and X-Trac Differentials and transaxles with combination gearbox and differential units. For manual R-tronic or E-Gear transmissions.

    Popular fill for the Nissan GTR.

    Meets GL5 specifications.

    Very high lubricating power which decreases friction and wear. 140 at hot temperature to provide outstanding oil film resistance at hot temperature and/or to reduce transmission noise.

    Not for use with DSG, S-Tronic, PDK, Tiptronic, Automatic, Multitronic, CVT Transmissions.

    1 Liter Container

    1L CAN