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  • 300V COMPETITION 15W50

    15W50 MOTUL 300V series competition racing oil is a true racing lubricant for motorsports use. Designed for high temperatures, high shear, and the rigors of professional and endurance racing. MOTUL has developed Double Ester Technology for their new 300V series, superior to complex ester which was previously recognized as the best base oil. Double Ester Technology, made by carefully balancing the ratio of complex ester and the newly developed macromolecular high polymer ester, enables the base oil to be more wide-ranged, and delivers high output performance and superior reliability. As used by many of the finest racing teams, including Osella Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Jaguar, Honda Mugen, Nismo, Venturi, Kremer, and more.

    For all-round racing use, designed for stable oil pressure preservation and sharp response. Compatible with a wide selection of engines naturally aspirated, high torque turbo and cars that may produce medium to high levels of oil / fuel dilution.

    20 - Liter Tub

    Type of use: Endurance / Rally / GT / Historic racing cars


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