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  • BP Lubricants / Castrol Announce Price Increases - Colorado Delivery Fee Starting July 1 2022

    June 27, 2022 2 min read

    Noticed price increases in Castrol products lately?

    We've been hit by multiple price increases over the 1st half of 2022 - the first BP announcement in February:

    Today, BP Lubricants USA Inc. advised its distributors of a price increase of up to 15% on certain Castrol and BP passenger car and commercial automotive lubricants. The increase is effective February 2022. BP Lubricants attributes the increase to the rising cost of base oils and other raw materials that occurred in 2021.

    and then again in April 2022:

    The need for the adjustments is attributed to base oil price hikes, as well as increases in the cost of nearly all other raw materials used in the blending and packaging of lubricants. These include lubricant additives, plastic resin, and corrugated; as well as higher transportation and manufacturing costs.

    The price increase varies upwards of 20% across the product lines - but considering in one past month we saw three separate price increases for certain products, it appears like so many other items on the shelves these days, prices are (and likely will continue to be) on the rise.

    We've tried to contain the costs were we can, but it appears at least for the next couple business quarters, we can't be surprised with increasing product and transportation costs.


    State of Colorado Retail Delivery Fee $.27 - Starting July 1, 2022

    Going into effect July 1st, specifically for Colorado on ALL retail  deliveries by a motor vehicle to a location in  Colorado. The fee is calculated per sale.

    For additional information, please see the State of Colorado Tax site:
    Retail Delivery Fee

    The breakdown from the Colorado Tax site is:

    Colorado  Delivery Fee

    Note: Sales made through our other sales channels - Amazon or eBay as examples, are as a sale facilitator, each responsible for collecting the fee on deliveries.

    Also to note per state guidelines, the fee is non-refundable: "The Department’s official guidance can be found on the Current Rules web page, in Rule 43-4-218 (9)(d) which states, “Returned Retail Deliveries. A retail delivery that is returned to the retailer for a full refund of the purchase price and any applicable sales tax is not eligible for a refund or credit of the retail delivery fees collected and paid on such retail delivery.”