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  • BMW F87 M2 CSL Reveal in: The secret BMW M Garage - CSL special part 1

    June 27, 2022 2 min read

    Well, we had a feeling... Ok it was a STRONG   feeling.. maybe we used   'the force'

    Regardless, it's great to see the reveal of the F87 BMW M2CSL

    Yes, there was a F87 M2 CSL -  officially one, at least..
    Their are some tantalizingly brief shots of the F87 M2 CSL in the first couple of seconds on the video,  with more info to follow in the cliff-hanger second-half of the series.

    What we can tell from the current video at the moment: - the car's color appears to be more along the lines of BMW's P6F Violet Blue (maybe a touch more turquoise?), with some typical BMW CS/CSL red highlights on the roll bar, steering wheel trim, underside of the front splitter and the rear mesh-web like rear spoiler uprights. 

    The tubing of the roll bar appear to be in a slightly different configuration (smaller diameter?) than used previously in the BMW M2 safety cars.

    Wheels appear to be the Orbit Grey M3 763M, 19in front, 20in rear staggered pieces, wrapped with Michelin tires. Brakes appear to be the CCB's.

    Engine? - it appears to be the N55 - from the top cover at least. The N55 would likely have been more 'period' appropriate for the CSL, being 'environmentally legal' for production at the time of inception, and a bit lighter than the S55 that eventually made its way into the M2 CS.

    The carbon fiber bits so far noted: hood, mirror caps, center console, CS roof, side winglets, and the rear wing. (The two-piece front splitter top half was described as actually having a carbon fiber vinyl wrap overlay, as the car was for pre-production, internal-only eyes)

    More typically GTS than current CSL release, the front hood appears to be of the M4 GTS style with the forward hood vent. 

    For everyone's viewing pleasure, here is the second half of the video series:




    And for some more tidbits, here is the Top Gear video that appeared online around the same time as the other two: