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January 10, 2020 1 min read

SV Motori Snowmass Vintage Race 2017

(Updated Aug 2022)

Date to be determined - 
2023 for the 1st Estes Park Grand Prix, to be known as the EPGP. Stay tuned! 

We'redown the road! Look for information about the event, and possible special guest event lodging.  Since the Snowmass Event, we have been looking forward to events near our new location in Drake, CO for 2023!

The town of Estes is excited about the event and it's shaping up to be an  exciting time. Estes will supply the rodeo grounds and approximately 15,000 sf of indoor paddock parking. Currently the entry fee is expected to be around $400. There will also be approximately 40 RV rental spots available.