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  • CASTROL REACT SRF Racing Brake Fluid CASE 12 1 Liter

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    Castrol REACT SRF -12L- CASE

    CASTROL REACT SRF Racing Brake Fluid -  Case of 12 1Liter Containers
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    Castrol SRF is the ultimate racing brake fluid for wet conditions. Its unique silicon ester technology absorbs less water than conventional glycol ether fluids and prevents the fluid's high-temperature performance from deteriorating. It's high boiling point, ability to withstand extreme temperatures and superior resistance to the effects of absorbed water have established Castrol SRF Brake Fluid as the premier fluid for hydraulic brakes used in all forms of motorsport and racing.

    • Exceptionally high dry boiling point of 590F (Wet 518F)
    • Superior anti-vapor lock properties
    • Safe for all non-mineral oil-based disc and drum brake systems
    • Do not mix with silicone (DOT 5 silicone base) or mineral base fluids (LHM).
    • Castrol recommends the maximum service time as 18 months for SRF
    • Exceeds SAE 1703, ISO 4925, JIS K2233, FMVSS No. 116 DOT3 and DOT 4

    SRF Data Sheet PDF


    1 Liter Container x 12