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  • BMW PASTE MP 3 07559062476 / Castrol MOLUB-ALLOY WHITE T

    BMW white anti-seize paste containing solid particles. (Castrol Optimol Paste White T

    Recommended by BMW for assemblies, spline input shafts and gears.

    100 gram 3.52 fl oz tube

    BMW MP 3 is excellently suited for all assembly work as well as for base or thin-film lubrication. Utilized by BMW and Porsche for assemblies. Temperature application range: -30°C/-22°F to +250°C/+482°F . Utilized in automotive racing and aerospace industries. Vital to stop corrosion on fittings where two metals are involved.

    We also suggest to minimize aluminum and magnesium wheel to steel stud or steel hub corrosion. 

    White, almost colorless when applied as thin layer. The paste prevents fretting corrosion and facilitates assembly and disassembly. It is resistant to hot and cold water and protects against corrosion.


    • Clean application
    • Easy assembly and disassembly 
    • Prevents fretting corrosion
    • Good separating property for all types of contact
    • Resistant to hot and cold water
    • Good corrosion protection