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June 10, 2017 2 min read

At least since 1932 Colorado has been a part of motorsports. While not as well known as some other states - California or the Carolina's - Colorado has hosted many SCCA nationals, some professional Indy and NASCAR events over the years - and many amateur events with participation including almost all of the national marque organizations.

Where in Colorado one might ask? Over 14 locations through the years:

Denver Sable Speedway-
3.3 mile long opened  early 1900's

DuPont Speedway - Denver Co - May 29, 1932
May have been the first asphalt track in the U.S.
The track was once located 5 miles North/East of downtown Denver on Brighton Road, and operated from 1932 - 1941.

More recient tracks:
Continental Divide Raceways - Castle Rock - *
Century 21 - South East Denver - *
Stapelton Raceway - East Denver -*
Second Creek - East Denver -*
Pepsi Center - Street Course - Denver - *
Steamboat Springs Street Course - Steamboat Springs - *
Englewood Speedway - * 2801 W Oxford Ave
High Plains Raceway - East of Denver - Open
Aspen Colorado SportsTrack - Aspen - Open
Pike's Peak International Raceway - Fountain Co - Open
LaJunta Raceway - North LaJunta - Open
Pueblo Raceway - Pueblo West - Open
Breckenridge / Aspen - Street course - New 2017

There were / are also the speciality tracks like Bandimier, Lakside Raceway and Colorado National Speedway, but we'll keep this to major paved and road tracks.

The above are just a few locations - others were typically a dirt or clay based oval track and used by modifyed and similar cars.

In upcoming articles we'll be reviewing each and giving a brief history of them over the years - if you know of something not listed, no matter what the configuration, let us know..