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Krytox™ GPL 217 2 Oz Tube

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Krytox GPL 217 has an Oil Viscosity of 450 cSt at 40°C.

Estimated useful temperature range is -30°C to 288°C.


  • Best for Extreme Pressure Applications; Contains Molybdenum Disulfide: Temp Range: -30C thru 288C: Viscosity 42cSt/100C, 400cSt/40C; Stable in a wide variety of operating conditions/environments

  • Nonflammable: Krytox Grease contains only carbon, oxygen & fluorine, (no hydrogen or silicone); Will not burn or support combustion; Passes impact standards with LOX, Nitrogen Tetroxide, Nitric Acid

  • Chemically Inert: Resistant to oxygen and inert to most all chemicals; Inert nature allows Krytox Grease to outlast/outperform hydrocarbon products; Chemically insoluble in nearly all solvents

  • At operating temps and pressures Krytox Grease is highly resistant to attack by gaseous and liquid oxygen.