BMW Gasoline Additive - Twin Power Turbo Fuel System Cleaner 3.38 Fl Oz

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BMW's updated formulation 
( previous BMW part number 82140413341 / 82140413341 )

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The BMW fuel additive is designed to clean away the deposits that form in your BMW’s fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers while driving. When used regularly, it works as a preventative measure cleaning and maintaining your fuel system while prolonging the life of your engine.

Prevents and removes the deposits caused by lower-tier fuel that can eventually hinder engine performance.

- Protects the engine from corrosion and damaging deposits.
- Cleans and protects fuel gage sensors
- Cleans the combustion chamber, the injectors and the fuel system.
- Assists in providing consistent driving performance.
- Restores the injector's fuel pathways by removing deposits.
- Particularly recommended for vehicles that are only used seasonally, for short trips or spend a majority of the time parked.
- Convenient size to have during road trips!

- Application: one bottle at tank filling.

  • Recommended once every 3,000 miles for normal highway driving or
    one bottle every 1,000 miles for stop and go driving <5 miles.

- For optimal mixing, please fill into the tank before refueling.

Other specifications:
- Made in Belgium
- 3.38 fl oz
- Mixing ratio: 1 bottle per 10 to 21 US gallons (40 - 80L) of gasoline