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    SV Motori Turbocharger Blanket for BMW S55

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    Help keep the exhaust heat from the surrounding components. It insulates the turbine, keeping the hot side of the turbo hot and the cool side cool.

    As a result, the turbine, compressor, intercooler, and radiator can work more efficiently, increasing power and torque output and decreasing turbo lag.

    Preventing heat escaping from the turbine dramatically reduces the engine bay temperature which in turn means a longer life for heat-sensitive components and materials.


    The basalt fiber fabric consists entirely of continuously drawn basalt fiber roving and stands out with its appealing carbon fiber design. The outer layer features remarkable temperature stability (up to 750 °C), low thermal conductivity, high wear resistance and chemical resistance as well as excellent mechanical properties. Due to these qualities, the outer layer reliably protects the insulation layer and provides durable insulation performance. At the same time, any surrounding temperature-sensitive components are effectively shielded from heat radiation.


    Fabric made of special SiO2 fibers
    This is a silicate fiber fabric with additional interwoven stainless steel wires. The silicate fiber fabric is distinguished by its high heat resistance (up to 1000°C) while it also offers improved abrasion protection, which results in higher durability of the insulating blanket. Compared to the use of pure stainless steel mesh, this special fabric has low thermal conductivity, which in turn results in reduced heat transfer and a higher insulation value of the insulating blanket.   


    Silicate fiber needle mat

    Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, it retains the heat inside the turbine housing, thus providing a maximum insulation effect and excellent protection of surrounding components. The high vibration and temperature resistance of the silicate fiber needle mat ensure that the insulating blanket is durable for the long term.



    Silicate fiber fabric
    An additional overlocking of the seam area made of silicate fiber fabric tape with a heat resistance of up to 1000 °C ensures that the insulating blanket fits optimally on the turbine housing, thus increasing the abrasion resistance of the insulation system.  


    The mounting system of the insulating blanket consists of stainless steel hooks. These hooks are firmly connected only to the outer layer to prevent any direct heat transfer to the hot turbine housing.