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  • BMW PROTECT Fuel Vehicle Storage Additive 3.38 FL OZ

    Original BMW Parts

    Storing your BMW for an extended period?

    One bottle treats 7.9 Gallons or 30L of gasoline.

    For Gasoline only. (Not for Diesels)

    BMW's updated formulation (late 2020) fuel stabilizer for car and motorcycle storage while providing fuel system deposit removal.

    BMW updated their fuel system cleaner with the new product (Mid Aug 2021)

    Maximum fuel system component protection when storing your BMW. Compatible with gasoline types available in the US and UK. The BMW ADVANTEC Protect Fuel Additive protects the fuel from aging and prevents corrosion from forming in the combustion chamber and the fuel-carrying components. The innovative formulation ensures that gasoline can be stored in the fuel tank for extended periods by preventing fuel oxidation and subsequently corroding the fuel-carrying surfaces. This risk can be especially present in areas where fuel with a high ethanol content have been used.
    Additionally protects operation with low-grade fuels that can be problematic when they leave deposits and subsequently impede engine power. The additive is also effective in removing built up deposits efficiently while preventing their new formation. 

    The BMW ADVANTEC Protect Fuel Additive can be used during vehicle storage or for preventive and scheduled fuel system maintenance.
    For fuel injection cleaning, we suggest the BMW Fuel System Cleaner.

    • The only fuel storage additive approved by BMW 
    • Made in Belgium
    • Verified compatibility with BMW engines/vehicles
    • Recommend for the i3 when storing
    • Effectiveness verified by BMW's own testing methods
    • Major deposits are removed efficiently even after one application 
    • Proven properties and protection from:
      • Corrosion when using fuels containing ethanol, methanol and hydrogen 
      • Fuel deterioration during storage or long dwell time in the fuel tank (protection against oxidation) 
      • Coking and pre-ignition as an immediate and preventive measure.  


    Other specifications:
    - BMW plastic bottle blue with childproof lock.
    - Made in Belgium
    - Capacity: 3.38 fl oz
    - Mixing ratio: 1 bottle per 7.9 US gallons of gasoline